Ultimate Acceleration Comparisons via M5board / Dragtimesinfo !!

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Redline: Live to Drive!

When it comes to comparing high powered cars against each other, there are no better YouTube channels than the boys at M5board and dragtimesinfo.

They both perform their races in different ways, to be more specific M5board uses rolling starts from 50 KPH and dragtimes prefers the off the line approach where technology such as launch control and human driving skill greatly effect the outcome of the race.

I myself and a bigger fan of M5baord for the simple fact that it eliminates silly technologies such as launch control and pits car against each other with raw power/weight/transmission determine what car is supreme in straight line performance. We are not just talking 50-150 we are talking 50-300 KPH races! Here are a couple of my favourite M5board races, starting with two of the most modern hyper cars in 2014 the Ferrari F12 and Lamborghini Aventador:

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