Dil Dil Pakistan

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On 14th August 1987, on Independence Day, the song “Dil Dil Pakistan” was released by the pop group Vital Signs. I was 11 at the time studying in grade 6. This song became very popular and reached the status of a Pop Anthem or Second National Anthem of Pakistan. Everyone was singing it and Vital Signs became the most popular group in the country. I remember that I had very painstakingly (since I am not musically gifted at all) learnt to play the tune of this song on my music player.

In the 2003 BBC World Service international poll of the ten most famous songs of all time, Dil Dil Pakistan was third.

The melody, lyrics and the video of the song were very simple. It appealed to the common person.

This song takes me back to a time before the Taliban came to Pakistan, before there were suicide bombings and before…

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